A Short Warning (and/or Introduction)

So, you’ve actually found this blog and considered reading the following posts is worth the next few moments of your as yet to be determined presence on this mortal coil?

That’s great…honestly it is. I mean there are literally millions of amateur and professional writers out there in the miasma that is the internet, pounding away at their keyboards, typing away great swathes of text that will be swallowed up by the electronic aether quicker than you can say “Gustave Flaubert was a snail eating symbolist”. Whilst wading through the great drop off in the internet ocean of verbage you;ve set an anchor down next to my musings and decided to take a shufti or three at my weblog. I dips my lid and proffer a much appreciative handshake (don’t worry, I’ve washed my hands).

Now what can one expect in here, now that I have you ensnared by my brutal polysyllabic charms (or whilst you wait for that rather exciting taboo bit torrent from Germany to upload)? I plan to post here almost anything that catches my eye, spills forth from my fingers as they bash away at the remote keyboard, or just put into some kind of order miscreant opinions and creative urges that keep me from finding publishing nirvana.

Naturally I would appreciate any feedback, comments, offers of large denomination bank notes, whilst will reject offers to extend my manhood via chemical methods, aid Nigerians with their financial arrangements or date lovely Ukrainian women who love to meet outgoing Western men. If you feel that what I have written is obscene, objectionable, untrustworthy, ill-founded or simply a great steaming pile of ruminant effluent then I suggest you submit your critique to me in writing (not in loosely cut out newsprint stuck on butchers paper and signed with a crayon), care of the following address:

Tales of Rowdy

The Editor

c/- 32 You Don’t Think I’d Give You My Real Address Street

Nor My Suburb

Somewhere West of The International Dateline

If on the other hand you have the interest or ability to have my scribblings turned into a Man Booker winning magnum opus or find the idea of becoming an acolyte of one who knows all and yet still cook’s his own Sunday breakfast most weekends I would happily allow more intimate contact.

Thanks again for deigning to drop by and I hope what comes is agreeable.



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